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I'm a shaaaaaaark I'm a shaaaaaaaark
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31st-Dec-2030 12:59 pm - OOC: Critique welcomed!
Slick and brooding
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25th-Sep-2011 08:42 pm - 2nd Mutation [Voice / Action]
Grinding my teeth so hard rn
Would someone care to explain what exactly is going on here?

[Erik is very, very unhappy.

Do you know why he is unhappy?

Because his clothes are distinctly un-princesslike. And so he is at the clothes shop, trying to find himself a dress befitting of the grace and beauty of Princess Dragneto.
10th-Sep-2011 09:10 pm - 1st Mutation [Voice / Action]
Fear my manly chest
My name is Erik Lehnsherr.

[He slurs the name, mispronouncing it in the way he knows people will do anyway.]

I do not intend to stay very long at this gilded prison that so many of you seem to have become accustomed to; I suggest those of you with useful mutations join with me in finding a way to your respective homes.

And if any of our kindly benefactors find it in their hearts to grant me an explanation, it would be in their best interests to do so. I will not be so patient if I have to search for answers myself.

[Erik will be exploring the town center clad in his charming jumpsuit, sans helmet, wings folded up painfully beneath his suit. He is low on sleep and even lower on patience.]
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